Programme Description

The Cusanuswerk assigns fellowships to particularly gifted students and doctoral candidates of catholic faith from all disciplines. Besides the funding the support entails an interdisciplinary training programme, which aims at encouraging debates on the roles of science and belief or society and the Church. The financial support includes an individually calculated monthly grant and a monthly standard payment toward the cost of study or research. If necessary, family allowances and contributions to child care are granted. A large number of cross-disciplinary educational events and discussion groups provide non-material support.

Target Group

students and doctoral candidates of catholic faith with an excellent academic record, strong reflection skills and a commitment to standing up for the catholic faith and the Church

Academic Requirements

degree course or doctoral programme

Scholarship Value

  • Students receive currently a monthly base amount of up to EUR 649, which is modelled after the BAföG grant and calculated depending on the income or assets of the candidate, the candidate's parents or spouse. In addition, a standard study cost allowance of EUR 300 per month is granted.
  • Doctoral candidates receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1,350 per month regardless of parental income plus a research cost allowance of EUR 100 and child- and family allowances, if required.

Application Papers

Please find the application forms and further information on the application procedure here

Application Deadline

The updated application deadlines may be found here

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