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The DAAD in Spain has its official headquarters at the Information Centre in Madrid in the Goethe-Institut, as well as being represented by 9 DAAD Visiting Professors (Lektor) and 7 Language Assistants who help to promote university exchange between Spain and Germany. The main goal of the DAAD in Spain is to promote the study and research scholarships for students, researchers and lecturers living in Spain, to promote university cooperation and to strengthen the network of former scholarship holders.

DAAD Information Centre Madrid

The DAAD Information Centre in Madrid was opened at the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona in 2004 and moved to the Goethe-Institut in Madrid in 2011.


DAAD at Spanish Universities

The DAAD has representations of many different types in Spain, thus expanding the network of cosmopolitan structures on the ground.



Our team at the Information Centre in Madrid will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the selection of the most suitable university, the variety of cours offer in Germany or DAAD scholarships.


Downloads & Publications

In this section you will find various DAAD publications that you can download directly.


About the DAAD

A brief look back at history shows that the DAAD has a long tradition of uniting people and academia.


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